Overview of Different Slots Types (Part 2)

The bonus game in bonus slots comes along with the theme of the main game, using the same symbols and sound effects. In some cases, these games are really well animated, adding to the excitement and pleasure of playing the slot game. Such a game is activated when a predetermined number of a certain symbol (scatter or wild symbols) show on the reels. Substantial earnings can be achieved in a bonus slots game. Generally, a player has to make some action during the bonus game, such as selecting a particular object, or collecting points in order to win a reward, or matching symbols. Sometimes more imaginative and exciting games are offered.

Free Spins Slots:
A free spins feature is one of the most interesting features. It is not only a much attractive part of a slots game; the free spins feature has made the game itself even more famous. With this feature, it is easier for a player to get to spin the reels for free, when certain symbols appear. So, for example, five wild symbols in a particular game would activate the free spins feature, and allow the player to spin the reels a few certain times without needing to spend any of his or her real money. More free spins can be activated while the player is spinning for free.

X of Y Bonus Slots:

The X of Y bonus is a attractive bonus that is offered to players who get some number of specific symbols on the reels. Here, players get the opportunity to play a bonus game – not where the reels normally show, but on another screen. This is why the X of Y bonus is often refer to as the bonus game on the second screen.

During such a game, the player choose one or more objects from a group, and adds up the winning that each of these objects holds. Sometimes this bonus game can be enjoyed at several levels, with one level needing to be completed successfully before the player can move to the next one.

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