History of Slot games (Part 3)

Online Slots Were Born

The biggest advantage in slot machine history since the creation of the Liberty Bell was probably the invention of the online casino. The online casinos became popular in the 1960s. And naturally, online casinos, like land-based casinos, have started adopting slot machines as their flagship game. Millions of people now play slots online from the comfort of their own homes. Online slots provide everything that the physical machines can and more. The lights and colours of the online slot machines win over any land-based game, and as long as the online casino is licensed and certified, players can be sure it is a fair game.

There have been numerous examples of progressive online slots games paying jackpots of over a million dollars in real money. This is due to the fact that the advance technology enables the progressive online slots games from different casinos to be connected together, so that thousands of online slots players are connected into the jackpot until one lucky player wins at the slot machine and takes all the prize home. Conversely, online slot machines also provide low bets; coin sizes can be as little as 1 cent which allows the beginners a good game with very little investment.

Online slot games offer multi-reel and multi-line payment; the Cashapillar online slot machine actually has over 100 paylines. The possibilities are huge with online slot machines changing every day with the introduction of big data and more advanced computer technology. Online casinos are able to change their graphics design and slot machines very easily, allowing much more variety for the player. All Slots Online Casino, for example, has over 250 different online slot games and continues to increase new slot machines every month.

Problems in online gamble market

The problem with traditional online gambling is the institutional regulation and its reliance on inflexible payment and withdrawal systems. Market regulations prevent new operators from entering the market, and inflexible payment and withdrawal systems can cause losing of consumers toward content providers, resulting in a breakdown of otherwise healthy ecosystems.

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