History of Slot games (Part 2)

Advances in Slot Machine Technology

Eventually, modern technology supported the traditional slot machines and fruit machines. In the 1960s, the first electromechanical slot machines were created. The most famous slot machine of the time was Bally’s “Money Honey.” By the 1980s, the electromechanical machines were replaced by the electric machines which, as technology advanced, were the true electric machines that powered by electric microprocessors. This type of casino slots machine enabled bigger bets to be placed, which meant bigger payouts. Slot machines continued to grow in popularity and one could find slot machines in practically every leisure club and casino all around the world.

The very first electronic Slot Machine

The machines continued to be created, particularly with the introduction of Bally’s ‘Money Honey’ in 1963. Previously the payouts had been paid out from tubes stacked with coins inside the machine. Money Honey’s innovation was to incorporate an electric hopper (created for coin counting) which could hold much bigger quantities of coins, making the payouts much easier and more spectacular.

Fortune Coin Slot Machine

The first slot machine

With the creation of the Random Number Generator, slot machines gained even more interest. The Random Number Generator is a computer application that is programmed to simulate spinning reels and to initiate a totally random outcome to the spin. With the creation of the Random Number Generator, the traditional one-armed bandit machines soon started to disappear. The slot machine could now be monitored with just the press of a button. This new technology empowered manufacturers to create slot machines with every imaginable type of theme and symbols and with multiple payout lines. Slot machines have become so famous that they now make up about 75 percent of casinos’ floor space and revenue.

The Random Number Generator also permitted the creation of the progressive jackpot slot machines. With progressive slot machines, multiple slot machines in the casino, or even in casinos at different locations, are connected electronically. Every coin that is put on any of the connected machines causes the jackpot to increase. The progressive jackpot has no limitation in terms of price m; it just grows and grows until somebody wins

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