Details of how to play Mini Poker slots at the online casino

Mini Poker slot games charge based on the rules of Poker, but the gameplay will be similar to other regular slot games.

The following article will guide you in detail how to play Mini Poker slot game at the online dealer step by step for you.

How to play Mini Poker slot game

To play Mini Poker slot games, you must first have an account. After creating your account, you will log in and choose the currency you want to play. In the Mini Poker slot game there are 2 currencies: Zon and Zeni. You need to consider to choose the right currency for you.

After opening the main interface of the Mini Poker slot game, we will start playing. How to play Mini Poker slot game is extremely simple. First, you will proceed to select the desired bet.

After your bet is finished, you will proceed to flip the lever and wait for the result. In addition, we can choose the Auto-spin button so that the system will keep rotating automatically until the account balance is insufficient or until we stop the feature.

Note in how to play Mini Poker slot game

In the above Mini Poker slot game play there is a section for you to choose the currency. However, one thing to note for you is that whether you play with Zon or Zeni, when you win the Zon pot, you will still receive a Zon reward. Therefore, when you play with Zeni, you will receive both Zon and Zeni. In this case, the player’s VIP level is quite important as it affects the Zon gain rate.

You can refer to how to play Mini Poker slot game as above article. Currently, we can play online slot games right from the online casino website.

Have a good time with the game slots.

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