The secret to playing casino Slot game

Slot games are a relatively new game genre today, but the number of players who love slot games is increasing. Including websites specializing in how to win slot games, Jackpot is quite diverse and rich.

At first, you may not like it, but you may become addicted after you know how to play slot games.

Here are some simple ways to win Slot games that players need to grasp to be able to win.

Understand the rules of slot games

You need to really understand how to win the Slot Game before you start playing. Don’t start the game without knowing how to place a bet or how to make a spin. That will make your money soar at a glance.

Know when to stop

Choosing will be a limit or amount of money you will need to play when you start playing with the best bookmakers. When the budget is set, stop playing now. If you are winning, try to use the money to continue playing again.

Understand how much money you should play within an hour

Why is this so important? You need to set a budget before you start playing Slot games, and with these calculations, it will help you do it in a much simpler way. If you remember the above and know how to control yourself more, you will minimize the amount of money you lose before you reach the peak of the online casino that is the jackpot prize in Slot game.

Always set out-of-pocket limits within your means

Be honest with yourself. Play with a fixed amount and stop when you reach the limit. Make sure you’re not wasting your money on soccer betting bookies, it’s just a small amount of money you spend on entertainment and try your own luck.

Always bet the maximum

You will reduce your chances of winning if you do not play with the maximum stake. The biggest jackpot jackpot requires you to play with the maximum stake and this special prize will be calculated and given to you based on the percentage of the money you spend.

Above are some tips on how to win slot games, you can refer to apply in your own battles.


Slot machines

The vast majority of global citizens live and work within the same kind of broad system – what we like to call the global economy.

You earn a salary, and then spend it on various things, something that subsequently pours money into numerous other little bits of the economy.

Most of us live like this, completely unaware that lying beneath the surface is another completely different and hidden market – the black market.

This is principally governed by the global drugs trade, and is worth into the billions of dollars every year; yet nobody ever hears of it, and that is of course because it is illegal.

There is a hell of a lot of money to be made on the illegal black market. Pablo Escobar was reportedly raking in millions every single week, and it got to the point where he physically didn’t have space to keep all of the cash he was earning.

In the 21st Century things are slightly different due to the increased use of banking and digital transactions, but drug barons still have difficulties in finding where to keep their money. This is mainly because the money they have made is illegal and illegitimate, meaning that if they were to deposit it straight into a bank they would be caught out and punished.

Another method is needed… read ahead for an insight into whether or not people can engage in money laundering through online slots and playing other casino type games.

What is money laundering?

For the illegal players in the global market it can get incredibly difficult to legitimise their money, something you need to do if you want to be able to buy things normally. Money laundering is basically a method in which criminals can “clean” their money, making it appear entirely legitimate and obscuring the illegal past of where the money came from.

This can be done in various different ways, and criminals have been known to get rather creative indeed. One of the main ways in which they launder their cash is to buy a cover-up business such as a carwash or restaurant, and then filter through the black market money so it appears as earnings.

As we say, however, there are countless ways in which you can try to launder money, and criminals are getting more and more creative as the years go on.

Overview of Different Slots Types (Part 2)

Multi-Level Bonus Slots:

Multi-level bonuses are another interesting benefit of slots games. Such games comprised of several levels, as the name suggests, with increasing rewards, bonuses and profits. Here, when a player gets to the bonus game, and gamble it well, he or she is upgraded to the next level, and so on until the entire bonus game is completed. However, a player who fails to complete a list of particular level will not be allowed to move on, and the bonus game will finish at that point. Multi-level bonuses add considerably to a gambler’s involvement in a game, since it is hard to go from one level to another.

Progressive Slots:

Progressive slots can be very rewarding when a player is particularly lucky. These slots associate with attractively large progressive jackpots that are formed by adding a part of every wager to the total reward amount. Progressive slot games can be linked across various games, across various machines and across various casinos, so the total can sometimes be staggering. As soon as the jackpot in a progressive slot game has been achieved, the game is reset and the jackpot begins to get built up again. There is a wide variety of progressive slots games to pick from, each with a temptingly large jackpot once enough gamblers have contributed to the prize pool.

Since the winning that can be earned here are so big, progressive jackpot slots are extremely popular. In turn, this popularity ensures that the progressive jackpot amount is remarkable.

One point has to always be keep in mind when it comes to progressive slot games is that a player has to bet the maximum number of coins in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot.

Progressive slots are also available in both online and mode for those who prefer this. Here, the games have remarkably high jackpots, making them very exciting to play and with opportunities for gaining excellent rewards.

Overview of Different Slots Types (Part 2)

The bonus game in bonus slots comes along with the theme of the main game, using the same symbols and sound effects. In some cases, these games are really well animated, adding to the excitement and pleasure of playing the slot game. Such a game is activated when a predetermined number of a certain symbol (scatter or wild symbols) show on the reels. Substantial earnings can be achieved in a bonus slots game. Generally, a player has to make some action during the bonus game, such as selecting a particular object, or collecting points in order to win a reward, or matching symbols. Sometimes more imaginative and exciting games are offered.

Free Spins Slots:
A free spins feature is one of the most interesting features. It is not only a much attractive part of a slots game; the free spins feature has made the game itself even more famous. With this feature, it is easier for a player to get to spin the reels for free, when certain symbols appear. So, for example, five wild symbols in a particular game would activate the free spins feature, and allow the player to spin the reels a few certain times without needing to spend any of his or her real money. More free spins can be activated while the player is spinning for free.

X of Y Bonus Slots:

The X of Y bonus is a attractive bonus that is offered to players who get some number of specific symbols on the reels. Here, players get the opportunity to play a bonus game – not where the reels normally show, but on another screen. This is why the X of Y bonus is often refer to as the bonus game on the second screen.

During such a game, the player choose one or more objects from a group, and adds up the winning that each of these objects holds. Sometimes this bonus game can be enjoyed at several levels, with one level needing to be completed successfully before the player can move to the next one.

Different Slots Types In Digital Age

Video Slots:

Video slots are another amazing variation of slot games. Online slots are majorly video slot machines – here, different from a mechanical slot machine, there are no physical reels – these are represented by images of a reel on a screen. There can be any number of reels in a video slot game, since they are unreal reels which would not occupy a lot of space.

The graphics and other visual effects used in video slots games are complex and attractive, and enhance the game experience remarkably. These games usually have symbols ranging from twenty to hundred in number. Players can place bet on as many pay lines as they wish.

Video slot games are more beneficial than mechanical slot machines as there is little physical upkeep required, and problems that do come with software can be easily attended to with the minimum of downtime. Also, these games can be much more mathematically precise. 

Video slot games operate with the underlying support of a random number generator, which eliminate numbers that affect the position of the reels after a spin. So there is no question of anticipating a particular result, or following a particular strategy in order to win, because the outcomes of the game are completely random.

Bonus Slots:

Bonus slots are games that integrates a bonus game round, which is usually triggered by certain symbols, or combinations of an active pay line. These bonus games are in line with the main theme of the game, and can offer good rewards to the lucky gamblers.

Bonus slots make playing the reels even more attractive for online slots fans, and are very famous with thousands of players. In fact, bonus slots are often the deciding element when it comes to picking a slots game to play regularly, since the rewards as well as the enjoyment derived are considerable.

Overview of Different Slots Types (Part 1)

The wide range of slot games available online can be confusing, even for someone who is not new to the genre. There are all kinds of games in the slots genre, from one, two, three, five and seven reels slot machines, games with different types and numbers of symbols and games which give players different kinds of bonuses. You could enjoy 3 reel slots, video slots, progressive slots and bonus slots with amazing features such as sliding symbols, free spins, wild multipliers and X of Y bonus games.

In this post, let’s look at some of these different options in detail for a better understanding of the various kinds of slot games.

3 Reel Slots:

The classic 3 reel slot games are the simplest form of slots. This does not mean they are any less enjoyable; in fact, many slots enthusiasts exclusively consider 3 reel slots is the best as a matter of preference. In any case, 3 reel slots are excellent for beginners to the game, who can quickly master the fundamentals here.

How does 3 reel slots game work? Essentially, such games have reels featuring symbols on them, and incorporate a random number generator, which randomly decides the position in which the reels settle after they have been activated. So winning here is completely depends on luck, and there is no way a player can influence the result of the game, whether by strategic play, or by turing the reel in a particular way.  

3 reel slots are also known as single line slot machines, and more interestingly, ‘one armed bandits’. This last name originated from the fact that the earliest form of mechanical slot machines had levers which needed to be activated by pulling.
Usually 3 reel slot games accept up to three coins on a wager on a particular spin. The rewards from classic 3 reel slot games can be quite limited, and nowadays, some of these games come with generous progressive jackpots.

History of Slot games (Part 3)

Online Slots Were Born

The biggest advantage in slot machine history since the creation of the Liberty Bell was probably the invention of the online casino. The online casinos became popular in the 1960s. And naturally, online casinos, like land-based casinos, have started adopting slot machines as their flagship game. Millions of people now play slots online from the comfort of their own homes. Online slots provide everything that the physical machines can and more. The lights and colours of the online slot machines win over any land-based game, and as long as the online casino is licensed and certified, players can be sure it is a fair game.

There have been numerous examples of progressive online slots games paying jackpots of over a million dollars in real money. This is due to the fact that the advance technology enables the progressive online slots games from different casinos to be connected together, so that thousands of online slots players are connected into the jackpot until one lucky player wins at the slot machine and takes all the prize home. Conversely, online slot machines also provide low bets; coin sizes can be as little as 1 cent which allows the beginners a good game with very little investment.

Online slot games offer multi-reel and multi-line payment; the Cashapillar online slot machine actually has over 100 paylines. The possibilities are huge with online slot machines changing every day with the introduction of big data and more advanced computer technology. Online casinos are able to change their graphics design and slot machines very easily, allowing much more variety for the player. All Slots Online Casino, for example, has over 250 different online slot games and continues to increase new slot machines every month.

Problems in online gamble market

The problem with traditional online gambling is the institutional regulation and its reliance on inflexible payment and withdrawal systems. Market regulations prevent new operators from entering the market, and inflexible payment and withdrawal systems can cause losing of consumers toward content providers, resulting in a breakdown of otherwise healthy ecosystems.

History of Slot games (Part 2)

Advances in Slot Machine Technology

Eventually, modern technology supported the traditional slot machines and fruit machines. In the 1960s, the first electromechanical slot machines were created. The most famous slot machine of the time was Bally’s “Money Honey.” By the 1980s, the electromechanical machines were replaced by the electric machines which, as technology advanced, were the true electric machines that powered by electric microprocessors. This type of casino slots machine enabled bigger bets to be placed, which meant bigger payouts. Slot machines continued to grow in popularity and one could find slot machines in practically every leisure club and casino all around the world.

The very first electronic Slot Machine

The machines continued to be created, particularly with the introduction of Bally’s ‘Money Honey’ in 1963. Previously the payouts had been paid out from tubes stacked with coins inside the machine. Money Honey’s innovation was to incorporate an electric hopper (created for coin counting) which could hold much bigger quantities of coins, making the payouts much easier and more spectacular.

Fortune Coin Slot Machine

The first slot machine

With the creation of the Random Number Generator, slot machines gained even more interest. The Random Number Generator is a computer application that is programmed to simulate spinning reels and to initiate a totally random outcome to the spin. With the creation of the Random Number Generator, the traditional one-armed bandit machines soon started to disappear. The slot machine could now be monitored with just the press of a button. This new technology empowered manufacturers to create slot machines with every imaginable type of theme and symbols and with multiple payout lines. Slot machines have become so famous that they now make up about 75 percent of casinos’ floor space and revenue.

The Random Number Generator also permitted the creation of the progressive jackpot slot machines. With progressive slot machines, multiple slot machines in the casino, or even in casinos at different locations, are connected electronically. Every coin that is put on any of the connected machines causes the jackpot to increase. The progressive jackpot has no limitation in terms of price m; it just grows and grows until somebody wins

History of Slot games (Part 1)

In this article, we would like to introduce to you the critical milestone of slot games, the most famous casino game in entire human history.

The very early years

The very first slot machine – The Sittman & Pitt Flip Card Poker Machine

Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, U.S. invented a gambling machine in 1891 which was a precursor to the modern slot machine. It consisted of five drums holding a total of 50 card faces and was based on the game of poker. This machine had quickly become extremely popular and soon many bars in the city had at least one of the machines or more.

Modern years

The Liberty Bell Slot Machine

The original Liberty Bell slot machine consisted of three spinning reels that had pictures of playing cards. On each reel features a picture of a cracked Liberty Bell. The game was started by pulling the lever placed at the side of the machine to set the reels in motion. The player would observe the wheels spin around and eventually come to a stop. If the reels stopped with the three Liberty Bells lined up straight, the player won the grand jackpot worth of 50 cents. The machine quickly became famous like wildfire and the culture of slot machines had started. The original slot machine created by Charles Fey can still be seen in a restaurant in Nevada

The Operator Bell was invented around 1910s. It was a slight modification of Liberty Bell. Though it had some innovative features, still it was very heavy with weight of over 100 pounds. Nonetheless, Operator Bell’s neck coin entry was improved for better fitting and the main innovative and distinctive feature is the fruit symbols, depicted on each reel (The Liberty Bell featured spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and liberty bells). There were about 30,000 of such slot machines manufactured at that time. During the time of Operator Bell, America prohibited slot games. In this period of time, slot firms began producing various symbols. The BAR symbol was developed in this period.